Leaflets and posters

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board produces various leaflets and posters about identifying and reporting abuse and neglect.

You are welcome to download and display our leaflets and posters. Or you can order copies from us, email derbyshiresab@derbyhsire.gov.uk

Advice if you or someone you know is being abused, neglected or exploited leaflet

The 'Advice if you or someone you know is being abused, neglected or exploited' leaflet is designed to inform both the public and professionals how to recognise abuse and neglect in Derbyshire.

The leaflet is available in 4 languages - English, Polish, Romanian and Urdu. The English version comes in a choice of 3 images. All versions of the leaflet are attached to this page.

There is no excuse for abuse posters

The 'There is no excuse for abuse' poster, which comes in a choice of 8 different images, promotes the same message that there is no excuse for abuse.

The poster also gives advice about what to do if you or someone you know in Derbyshire is being abused or neglected. All versions of the poster are attached to this page.

Keeping safe from abuse and neglect easy read full guide

This easy read guide has been produced by the Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board with help and feedback from the Derbyshire Learning Disability Partnership Board.

The aim of the guide is to explain abuse and neglect using images and easy to understand information to help start conversations about safeguarding with adults who have care and support needs.

The guide is attached to this page.