Identifying and reporting abuse and neglect - DSAB animated film and accompanying leaflet

Keeping people safe from abuse and neglect is everyone's business.

Adults suffering from abuse and neglect can be harmed by someone they know, but they may be unable to report it because of disability, illness or because they are afraid. Abuse can happen in the adults home or a care establishment.

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board, in partnership with Derbyshire County Council, Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Derbyshire Police, have produced an animated film called Identifying and reporting abuse and neglect. The film is available with subtitles in English, Polish, Romanian, Simplified Chinese and Urdu. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, there is a British Sign Language interpreter version.

To accompany the animated film, we have produced an adult safeguarding guide, which is attached to this page.

Tricky friends animation

Tricky Friends’ is a 3 minute animation developed to help people to understand what good friendships are and when they might be harmful. 

It is important that people with learning disabilities and autism, those who have cognitive difficulties, and also children and young adults, have positive opportunities to make and maintain friendships. We want to help them to do this, to reduce the risk of harm and exploitation in groups who may be less able to recognise the intentions of others. 

This animation can be used as a way to start those conversations, and keep adults safer while enjoying their friendships.

Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board would like to thank Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board for allowing us to use and adapt this video.

Watch the tricky friends animation.

Watch the tricky friends animation - British Sign Language version.