Modern slavery

Modern slavery is where a person is brought to, or moved around the country by others who threaten, frighten or hurt them, and force them into work or do other things they don't want to do. It is a term used to describe:

  • human trafficking, slavery, forced labour and domestic servitude
  • slavery practices such as debt bondage, sale or exploitation of children and forced marriage

Modern slavery is, by definition, the same as human trafficking, but this involves the act of transporting and movement of people.

Modern slavery is a brutal crime affecting thousands in the UK and millions around the world. Victims are in situations of exploitation, controlled by deception, threats and violence. Exploitation can be hidden in plain sight, in car washes, nail bars, fields, factories, brothels and private homes.

Section 52 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 places a duty on specified public authorities to notify.

Derby and Derbyshire Modern Slavery Partnership

The Derby and Derbyshire Modern Slavery Partnership supports and enables the discovery of, and response to incidents of modern slavery through a victim-centred, all-encompassing and community-based approach.

The partnership has produced guidance for responding to adult and child victims of modern slavery, which is intended to provide clear and up-to-date information on the key facts and to help staff recognise the signs and respond effectively. The modern slavery practice guidance is available to download and read from the Safer Derbyshire website.

Recognising and reporting concerns

Derbyshire police have information on spotting the signs of human trafficking and how to report concerns.

If you're worried about or suspect that a person may be a potential victim of modern slavery or trafficking, please contact:

  • tel: 999, if the person is at immediate risk
  • Call Derbyshire, tel: 01629 533190 (24 hours per day for adults and children) - children triaged via Starting Point
  • Derby City Council, tel: 01332 640777 and refer to social care
  • tel: 101 if a non-emergency - quote Adult Exploitation Investigation Unit
  • Adult Exploitation Investigation Unit for advice tel: 0300 122 8057 or email: