Safeguarding adult reviews

A safeguarding adult review (SAR) is carried out when an adult dies as a result of abuse or neglect, whether known or suspected, and there is concern that partner agencies could have worked more effectively to protect the person at risk.

A SAR may also be conducted when a person has not died but it is known or suspected that they have experienced serious abuse or neglect, sustained a potentially life threatening injury, serious sexual abuse or serious or permanent impairment of health or development.

All relevant board agencies should contribute to the review, sharing information and implementing and disseminating the lessons learnt.

The SAR brings together and analyses the findings from individual agencies involved, in order to make recommendations for future practice where this is necessary and also highlights good practice.

Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB) has a SAR sub group which meets quarterly to discuss and make decisions regarding new referrals, oversees current reviews and ensures learning is implemented from Derbyshire reviews into multi-agency practice. The group also monitors reviews from other safeguarding adults boards to ensure any relevant learning for Derbyshire is distributed.

Attached to this page is a leaflet for families, friends and carers to help explain the SAR process.

Learning from multi agency reviews

Multi agency learning reviews take place where the criteria set in the Care Act for a safeguarding adult review to be undertaken is not met, but where it is felt that there may be valuable learning for a number of organisations about the way in which they work together to safeguard adults with care and support needs.

Summary reports and recommendations from completed DSAB multi agency learning reviews are attached to this page.

The DSAB SAR sub group is responsible for overseeing the implementation of recommendations and providing assurance to the Board that this has been achieved.

Statement for publication of MALR19A learning brief

"The Safeguarding Adults (DSAB) and Children Boards (DSCB) in Derbyshire commissioned a Multi-Agency Learning Review in 2019 in relation to the sad death of a young man who is referred to within this report as Aaron.

“The two Boards looked in detail at the circumstances leading up to Aaron’s death and the care and support provided by professionals working with Aaron to understand whether there was potential learning amongst professionals and also in relation to the systems and processes used to support adults in Derbyshire.

“The learning review process is not about apportioning blame, or investigating the actual circumstances of a death, it is about making a difference, and this learning brief has been produced to assist professionals and aid discussions in relation to how agencies interact, work with and support young adults such as Aaron. Another important feature of learning reviews is to look at the positive practice demonstrated by professionals and highlight this so that others can learn from what was done well. I believe these aims have been achieved.

“I wish to thank those involved in the whole process surrounding the review, especially the author, who has ensured a thorough scrutiny of the information shared by partners throughout the process. This has resulted in six recommendations, which are now the responsibility of the DSAB and the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (previously DSCB) to deliver upon, and I am pleased to report that this work is already in progress.

“It is important that we learn all the time in order to improve the way we work together; I give my assurance I will play my part and hold partners to account to do likewise.”

Andy Searle, Independent Chair, Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board.