Structure and sub groups

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board (DSAB) currently has 6 sub groups. Each group meets 4 times per year to support the board in embedding its strategic plan and objectives.

Core business

The core business group is responsible for driving forward the strategic priorities of DSAB. Membership consists of the DSAB independent chair, DSAB project manager, and 3 statutory organisations:

  • Derbyshire County Council Adult Social Care and Health
  • NHS Derby and Derbyshire Integrated Care Board
  • Derbyshire Constabulary

Sub group chairs are also invited to attend the core business group to report in on their groups' progress.

The purpose of the core business group is to

  • inform the agenda for each DSAB meeting
  • discuss and follow up on key actions in between each DSAB meeting
  • assist with the co-ordination and implementation of the DSAB business plan
  • identify areas which require additional scrutiny from the board
  • identify areas of good practice to highlight at the board
  • discuss DSAB finances
  • provide oversight of other forums such as the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, the Derbyshire Safer Communities Board and the Derbyshire Health and Wellbeing Board

Key decisions remain the responsibility of the full Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board.

Learning and development

The learning and development sub group is a joint sub group with Derby Safeguarding Adults Board. It is responsible for providing assurance that staff are equipped to respond to safeguarding with competent and confident practice with a focus on the following key areas:

  • to identify, develop and maintain a multi-agency safeguarding adults training programme
  • to promote a consistent approach to safeguarding adults across Derby and Derbyshire
  • to embed the principles of 'making safeguarding personal' within safeguarding training
  • to develop and maintain links with the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and implement and embed the 'think family' agenda across all agencies
  • to develop quality assurance tools to evaluate safeguarding training

Mental Capacity Act (MCA)

The purpose of the MCA sub group is to:

  • support the work of the Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board and Derby Safeguarding Adults Board in all matters relating to the MCA and DoLS
  • ensure an inclusive and non-discriminatory approach to people who lack capacity, in line with legislation and strategic guidance
  • co-ordinate activities across the whole community in the ongoing implementation, embedding into practice and auditing outcomes of the Mental Capacity Act, including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • to consult with and inform the private, voluntary and independent sector, service receivers, their families and carers, about MCA/DOLS and about the work of the sub-group.

Read more about the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

Performance and improvement

The aims and objectives of the sub group are to:

  • assist the DSAB and member organisations to be compliant with national legislation and key strategic drivers - particular emphasis will be placed upon the Care Act (2015), the implementation of Making Safeguarding Personal, and associated assurance frameworks
  • identify and analyse the safeguarding performance data for Derbyshire provided by all agencies via the operational dashboard and ongoing case file audit
  • identify aspects of risk and thematic areas of practice performance in order to determine any priority areas for operational improvement through case file audit
  • identify areas of work that are required to inform the practice audit and to monitor the results of such audits
  • oversee the implementation of key operational procedures and associated practice guidance to ensure good practice is implemented and developed

DSAB has a multi agency audit plan and a minimum of 4 multi-agency audits are undertaken each year. The audit findings are reported to the board along with recommendations to steer and improve practice.

Data from DSAB organisations is discussed by the performance and improvement sub group to increase the board’s understanding of what is working well and where improvements are needed in the way adults with care and support needs are supported.

Policy and procedures

The purpose of the Policy and Procedures sub group is to:

  • to support Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board and Derby Safeguarding Adults Board in meeting the requirements of national guidance/legislation and standards in service provision to safeguard adults who are in need of care and support
  • to identify, develop, review and promote multi-agency safeguarding adults policy, procedures and practice guidance
  • to promote a consistent approach to safeguarding adults across Derby and Derbyshire
  • to embed the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal within safeguarding policy and practice guidance

Safeguarding adult reviews

The purpose of the safeguarding adult reviews (SAR) sub group is to:

  • determine whether serious incidents meet the criteria as defined in the Care Act 2014 to undertake a safeguarding adults review and make a recommendation for the independent chair of DSAB to ratify
  • determine if/when a case does not meet the criteria for a SAR whether another type of review is required
  • ensure that the adult/family members are offered the chance to be involved and are kept informed in all review processes
  • constructively scrutinise and challenge where necessary, SAR, learning review and other review reports and recommendations commissioned by DSAB
  • contribute to the sign off of SAR, learning review and other review reports, and onward submission for reports to be considered by the full DSAB
  • ensure learning from SARs/learning reviews/other reviews is shared effectively with a clear action plan of how this will be undertaken
  • consider national themes and developments relating to SARs and learning reviews from other areas and share accordingly across the DSAB partnership