Service user films

We understand the importance of hearing the voice of service users to inform and improve the way we safeguard adults. The following service user videos have all been shown at either the board or sub group meetings to ensure the focus is on 'making safeguarding personal'.

Identifying and reporting abuse and neglect - DSAB animated film and accompanying leaflet

Keeping people safe from abuse and neglect is everyone's business.

Adults suffering from abuse and neglect can be harmed by someone they know, but they may be unable to report it because of disability, illness or because they are afraid. Abuse can happen in the adults home or a care establishment.

The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board, in partnership with Derbyshire County Council, Derby and Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Derbyshire Police, have produced an animated film called Identifying and reporting abuse and neglect. The film is available with subtitles in English, Polish, Romanian, Simplified Chinese and Urdu. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, there is a British Sign Language interpreter version.

To accompany the animated film, we have produced an adult safeguarding guide, which is attached to this page.

Ben's Story

Ben's Story is a short film about a young man with disabilities who had employed a personal assistant in order to remain independent and live at home. However, the personal assistant came to dominate, control and degrade Ben. Once Ben realised he was being abused he told a friend what was happening and was advised to contact the authorities to tell them what was happening to him. With the right help he was able to rebuild his confidence and trust in others and now has new friends, hobbies and interests. Thank you to East Sussex County Council for this video.

Watch Ben's Story video.

Another Way

Another Way is a poem about men’s mental health and depression, which has been written and performed by JB Barrington. The video was a collaboration between the Samaritans and Doncaster Council.

View the Another Way video.

Elder abuse

Mistreatment by family members, friends or care workers of our elderly residents who live in private households is unacceptable.

Warwickshire County Council commissioned a short film to demonstrate the mistreatment of an elderly person by a care worker. How many different types of abuse are you able to identify?

There's no excuse for elder abuse.

View the elder abuse video.

Signs of sepsis in people with a learning disability, autism, or both

Sherwood Forest Hospitals have produced a short video that describes how people with a learning disability, autism, or both, can show the symptoms of sepsis, and what to do if you are concerned about such issues.

View signs of sepsis video.

Tony’s safeguarding story

Tony is a young man with Learning Disabilities. He has a full and active life. He lives at home with his mother. He has a long-term relationship and is currently preparing to propose. His mother introduces her 'boyfriend' who quickly moves in and starts controlling the household including Tony.

View Tony's safeguarding story video.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that affect children while growing up, such as suffering child maltreatment or living in a household affected by domestic violence, substance misuse or mental illness.

This short animated film has been developed to raise awareness of ACEs, their potential to damage health across the life course and the roles that different agencies can play in preventing ACEs and supporting those affected by them.

The film has been produced for Public Health Wales and Blackburn with Darwen local authority.

View adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) video.

Missing appointments matter

NHS Nottingham City CCG have commissioned a video animation aimed at citizens to encourage them to attend medical appointments, and to take children and adults they care for to their appointments. The animation is aimed at raising awareness about the consequences of missing appointments and to ensure that children and adults get the medical care that they need.

View missing appointments matter video.

The spoken word

The service user sub-group of the Cheshire East Safeguarding Adults Board created this spoken word video working with the Axis Arts Centre at Crewe Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University. The spoken words focus on the service users own life experiences and sends a powerful message to stop adult abuse.

View the spoken word video.

Keith's story

Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board has produced a film about hoarding - Keith's story.

They produced the film to raise awareness of hoarding and to guide professionals on what kinds of interventions seem to work the best so that the people affected (both the person who hoards and other people whose lives this impacts upon) get the support that they need.

The film tells Keith's story, in his own words, describing how hoarding affected his life and with the right support, his journey to recovery. Professionals (including fire officers, social workers and mental health staff) talk about the challenges hoarding can present and approaches that can help support recovery.

View Keith's story video.

Making safeguarding personal

West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Board asked the members of Listen To Us to be part of a video explaining the importance of making safeguarding personal.

View the making safeguarding personal video.

Safeguarding adults SCIE film: An independent life after abuse

The film focuses on the personal story of Philip who suffered physical, financial and emotional abuse in the family home for many years. Philip has learning disabilities and cerebral palsy. When Philip finally disclosed the abuse, he was supported to leave the family home. Since then he has gone from strength to strength. He married and, although his wife unfortunately died some years after their marriage, Philip continues to live a full and independent life.

View the independent life after abuse video.

Warning: This film contains strong language.

Tricky friends animation

Tricky Friends’ is a 3 minute animation developed to help people to understand what good friendships are and when they might be harmful. 

It is important that people with learning disabilities and autism, those who have cognitive difficulties, and also children and young adults, have positive opportunities to make and maintain friendships. We want to help them to do this, to reduce the risk of harm and exploitation in groups who may be less able to recognise the intentions of others. 

This animation can be used as a way to start those conversations, and keep adults safer while enjoying their friendships.

Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board would like to thank Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board for allowing us to use and adapt this video.

Watch the tricky friends animation.

Watch the tricky friends animation - British Sign Language version.

Poobusters - a constipation awareness film

Constipation can be dangerous if not managed effectively.  It can affect everyone, but people with learning disabilities have an increased risk.

Derbyshire residents with learning disabilities star in the film, which has been produced by the University of Derby media production team and the Learning Disabilities Health Facilitation team at Derbyshire Healthcare.

The film has a short but strong message about the four key things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of constipation.  This is an accessible film for people with a learning disability to facilitate conversations about constipation and what to do about it.

View the poobusters film