Making safeguarding personal

The Care Act 2014 emphasises a personalised approach to adult safeguarding that is led by the individual, not by the process.

It's important that the adult feels that they are the focus and they have control over the process. The approaches of agencies and services to adult safeguarding should be person-led and outcome-focused.

Making safeguarding personal (MSP) is not simply about gaining an individual’s consent, although that is important, but also about hearing people’s views about what they want as an outcome.

MSP is also about ascertaining the extent to which the outcomes the individual wanted were achieved in the end.

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Derbyshire Matrix

In conjunction with the Leapfrog team at Lancaster University, DSAB has produced and launched the 'Derbyshire Matrix', a tool to promote the 'Making Safeguarding Personal' approach regarding safeguarding adults.

The tool has two elements, a folder for the individual subject to a safeguarding enquiry or their carer/advocate, and a prompt card for front line professionals to use to assist with a having 'difficult' safeguarding conversations.

The tool was designed following a workshop day facilitated by Lancaster University. Twelve attendees from a variety of DSAB partner agencies attended and contributed to the design and development.

On 6 February 2017, two launch conferences took place with over 150 attendees from a wide variety of organisations. The tools are currently being piloted in Derbyshire with feedback sought from individuals and their families and advocates, and professionals as to the difference it is making with regards to Making Safeguarding Personal.